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For a better way to travel

We're making our own rules

Upholding status quo isn't our style and we don't think that the big brands should get to have all the fun so we're flipping the traditional travel distribution model on its head.

We stand with the Specialists.

The tour operators who know their region and tour style better than anyone. We support the ones who support the communities they live and work in and who want to share those places with you. Just because they haven’t spent millions of dollars on marketing, doesn’t mean they are any less capable of delivering life-altering experiences.

We Believe That

Growth comes from getting outside of your comfort zone.
You shouldn't travel around the world to feel like you're at home.
Supporting local is better for everyone.
Travel is the most powerful form of education.
Changing your scenery can change your perspective.

So we're changing it up

We’re levelling the playing field between the massive multinational travel companies and the local, expert tour operators and we’re giving the power back to you – the FarCloser Travellers by creating a community of like-minded travellers who want to learn, share, support and inspire each other to take the road less travelled.

We’re calling this community:

The Collective

because it’s the collective experiences, insights and advice of FarCloser Travellers who will enable more and more people to experience the life-changing opportunities that travelling with a local tour operator offers. We want to make it easier to find those hidden gem tour operators that you become friends with on Facebook and know their kids’s names.


Industry Standard

Their Way

Commissions that eat into the operator's bottom line or require an increase in pricing.

Volume based incentives that results in biased promoting and selling

Gimmicky sales tactics to pressure you to book with them

Focus on providing value to shareholders

Our Standard

FarCloser Way

No commissions. The operator gets what you pay (minus third party processing fees that we can't control).

You are in control of which trips you see based on your preferences, not ours.

Freedom to book wherever you want (direct, travel agent, marketplace or with us)

Focus on providing value to our community

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