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July 2018

Don't you love discovering new places and possibilities for your next travel experience.  We came across this video from a country that doesn't always come to mind first when most people think of a holiday destination but this video just might inspire you to consider Tunisia for an upcoming getaway. Winner of the UNWTO Tourism Video Competition for Africa in 2015, this video by Discover Tunisia is sure to make you curious about this country that borders the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara

Need an excuse to travel? Preserving or improving your health is one reason to travel that makes carving out time for those vacation days much easier. When you travel, you’re investing not only in a fun, memorable experience, but you could also be adding years to your life! It may sound like a dream come true, but it’s based quite solidly on science. Here’s the proof that travelling is good for your health: Stress Reducer Yes, you knew this would be