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August 2018

Feeling overwhelmed in the world of travel? Don’t worry you’re not alone. We used to get stuck in analysis paralysis too, which is why FarCloser Travel was developed in the first place! Our leadership team has years of experience helping travellers choose their next tour or cruise with confidence, and our website makes choosing the right trip easier than ever. To help bring back the enjoyment factor and eliminate the travel research headaches, we’ve gathered our top pro tips and tricks

Group travel has earned a reputation. Most people imagine tourists pouring out of large coach buses in front of classic touristy sites getting herded around by guides wielding signs and megaphones. Is this what you think of? Group travel has changed a lot over the years, and these perceptions are simply outdated. If group travel isn’t what it used to be, what is it? The new age of group travel has arrived, and it’s full of variety.  Unfortunately some companies still offer

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