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Extortion Policy

Reviews are a way for FarCloser Travel Guests to share their experiences with the community. Any attempt to use reviews or review responses to force a user to do something they aren’t obligated to do is a misuse of reviews, and we don’t allow it.

This policy applies to situations including, but not limited to:

  • a Guests threatening to use reviews or ratings in an attempt to force an Operator to provide refunds, additional compensation, or a future discount.
  • an Operator requiring a Guest to leave a positive review or rating, or to revise a review in exchange for a partial or full refund. Operators also cannot offer a free or discounted tour in exchange for a Guest revising an existing review.
  • an Operator asking a Guest to take specific actions related to a review in exchange for a resolution to a dispute between the parties.

This policy does not prohibit:

  • a Guest from contacting an Operator with a problem prior to leaving a review.
  • an Operator from asking a Guest to leave an honest positive review or rating reflecting a positive experience; and
  • a Guest from revising a review within a reasonable time frame from the original date of review.  Guests cannot edit reviews after they are published.

By posting a review, you agree to follow all FarCloser Travel guidelines and policies, including the Extortion Policy, which FarCloser Travel may enforce at our sole discretion. Failure to do so may result in the restriction, suspension or termination of your FarCloser Travel Account.

If you think you’ve experienced extortion, please contact us.

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