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Quality Standards

Every Operator who offers a Tour Service on FarCloser Travel must demonstrate high levels of expertise and hospitality. The tour itself must give guests insider access to places or things they couldn’t find on their own.

Every Tour Service submitted to FarCloser Travel is reviewed to make sure it meets those 3 quality standards: expertise, hospitality, and insider access. The quality standards are in place to help ensure that guests’ expectations are met when they go on a tour.

The quality standards are defined as:

  • Hospitality: Operators are friendly and welcoming to strangers or guests, and are able to facilitate connections between them.
  • Expertise: Operators have in-depth knowledge of the region, topic or theme of the Tour Service.
  • Insider access: Operators demonstrate their exclusive ability to do things the average tourist wouldn’t likely discover on their own such as: going to a lesser-known place, meeting a private community, ordering off-menu, going after hours, seeing backstage, etc.

Tour Services that don’t meet the above standards may be removed from FarCloser Travel.

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