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How to Approach Travel Research: Pro Tips

Feeling overwhelmed in the world of travel? Don’t worry you’re not alone. We used to get stuck in analysis paralysis too, which is why FarCloser Travel was developed in the first place! Our leadership team has years of experience helping travellers choose their next tour or cruise with confidence, and our website makes choosing the right trip easier than ever.

To help bring back the enjoyment factor and eliminate the travel research headaches, we’ve gathered our top pro tips and tricks to share with you.

Start with the Basics

First things first, know your basic parameters, such as:

  • How long do you have to travel?
  • What are you looking for? Relaxation? A cultural experience? Adventure?
  • Any no-goes? For example, no snow? No heat? Allergies?

These basic considerations will help you discover the answer to the ultimate question:

  • Where in the world would you like to go?

If you’re struggling to make a decision, FarCloser Travel can help you sort out your preferences to discover which tour or cruise is right for you. Tailor your search using custom filters such as duration, travel style, service level, price, operator, and theme. You can easily rule out tours or cruises that are too far away, exceed the amount of time you have available, or don’t meet your needs. 

Compare Options

Before FarCloser Travel launched, tracking down and comparing tours and cruises from various travel operators was nearly impossible! It’s important to look at activities included, geographic area covered, pricing and overall value, but without an unbiased side-by-side comparison, it can be extremely difficult to find the answers you are looking for. Do you really want to sift through multiple websites and dozens of brochures?

At FarCloser Travel, we take care of the homework for you. Many travellers come to us hoping to get inspired to plan their next vacation with ease, but still need to sort out the details. We make comparing your options easy. Simply enter the area of the world you’re interested in visiting, and we’ll show you a variety of tours available side by side and on a map view so that you can get the whole picture. You can also narrow down your search by indicating the type of tour you’re looking for, such as ocean cruise, river cruise or overland tour. With FarCloser Travel, you can choose the tour that fits you best, without sorting through the ones that don’t.

If you visit Tanzania, for example, you can go on a safari, but you can also experience the local culture of the Maasai if you choose the right tour. Or if you visit Australia, there are several great beaches to experience, kangaroos to see, wines to taste, and you can also explore the famous Sydney opera house. We help you choose the tour that has the right combination of activities, leisure, culture and adventure for you, every time!

Book It

With FarCloser Travel, the process of selecting a destination and comparing itineraries is simple. Once you’ve found the trip that fits your preferences, schedule and budget, book the tour or cruise directly with the operator or a trusted travel agent. It really is that simple!

With these tips in mind, we hope you feel well prepared to take on your next travel-researching project! Want more great travel tips delivered straight to your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletter today!

About FarCloser Travel

Founded in 2016 by Natasha and Will Spokes, FarCloser Travel Inc. formed to do one thing: empower travellers. Travellers want choices, but often find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of information available. FarCloser Travel is a simple, convenient, platform that allows travel agents and travellers to research and compare professional tour packages and cruises. We provide factual, impartial results that allow visitors to easily compare and prioritize tours side by side, both on an interactive map and in a column view. With FarCloser Travel, travellers discover the trips they truly want, without the hassle of sorting through those they don’t. Learn more. 

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