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Think You Know Group Travel? Think Again

Group travel has earned a reputation. Most people imagine tourists pouring out of large coach buses in front of classic touristy sites getting herded around by guides wielding signs and megaphones. Is this what you think of? Group travel has changed a lot over the years, and these perceptions are simply outdated.

If group travel isn’t what it used to be, what is it?

The new age of group travel has arrived, and it’s full of variety.  Unfortunately some companies still offer the sort of experiences that have earned group travel its not so great reputation but, it’s certainly not the norm anymore. Here’s what you can expect from group travel today:

An Experience for YOU

There’s a wealth of variety in group tour options today. Want to go on a group adventure tour full of hiking and bicycling? There’s a tour for that. Want to see the highlights of Egypt? There’s a group tour that will offer you this as well. Want to explore off the beaten track, visit local homes and try all the local fare? There’s an option for that too. There are large group tours of over 40 people, small, intimate group tours of only 2-4 people and everything in between.

The trick? Finding the tour that matches your needs. With the help of the right travel research tool, such as the team at FarCloser Travel, you can pinpoint the tours that fit you best. 

No Stress

Managing your vacation and tour plans on your own all sounds great, until you become aware of all the logistics involved. Transportation, reservations, meals, navigating unknown languages, inclement weather, delays and more are just some of the things you have to deal with when travelling. If you really want a relaxing trip with the support of helpful guides who organize everything for you, group travel is a great option.

Time to Explore

Think going on a group tour means you won’t have any time on your own? Not so! Most group tours now incorporate free time for you to explore on your own and enjoy a few meals away from the rest of the group if you’d like. It’s the best of both worlds, really. Enjoy the structure and benefits of travelling with a group where everything is organized while also having time to yourself.


Group tours are packed full of added value. Because you’re joining a group managed by a local operator in your destination country, you may gain exclusive access to after-hours tours, cultural experiences such as visiting a henna workshop or weaving cooperative, experienced guides and other perks that aren’t typically available to the average tourist who shows up unaccompanied.

So, think again if you’ve ruled out group travel. There is so much more available in group travel than there was before. But, don’t take our word for it! Find out for yourself why people of all ages and travel style preferences are opting for group travel. Get out there and explore.

Need help finding the perfect group travel opportunity? FarCloser Travel is here to help you discover the opportunities that best match your needs. Contact us today!

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