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Everyone needs to do their part to be a sustainable traveler. Sustainable tourism is about minimizing the negative impact of travel on the environment and local communities while still enjoying all the benefits that travel offers. Here are a few tips on how you can become a sustainable traveler. As the world becomes increasingly connected, hopping on a plane or bus and exploring new places is easier than ever. But with this increase in travel comes an increase in the negative

The philosophy of our tours has always been one of wanting to learn from the Chinese and other Asian cultures, providing an opportunity to appreciate their culture, history, and lifestyles. What's your company name? Mountain Biking Asia In what year did you run your first tour? 1984 Where do you live? 1/2 in Hong Kong or China and half in Oregon, USA How long have you lived there? 40 years Where is your favourite place in China? The Tibetan areas of Sichuan Province - High Mountains and Grasslands! In your opinion,

As many people start to self-isolate and hunker down at home to stop the spread of COVID-19, many travel plans have also had to be put on hold. Luckily, according to a psychological study in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life about the connection between anticipation and happiness, just planning or anticipating your trip can make you happier than actually taking it. So rather than get caught up in all of the doom and gloom that is dominating

What's your company name? Fun Travel Iceland In what year did you run your first tour? 2008 What did you do before starting Fun Travel Iceland? I was a teacher Why did you start Fun Travel Iceland? I love to show people my country. What makes your trips unique? Small groups (maximum 12 people in a group), extensive coverage of the country What your favourite part of running Fun Travel Iceland? Giving people the opportunity to discover a beautiful country at very affordable prices. What's one thing you recommend a traveller bring

What's your company name? Kilisa Tours & Safaris In what year did you run your first tour? 2016 What did you do before starting Kilisa Tours & Safaris? I was employed in another tour company as an Assistant Manager Why did you start Kilisa Tours & Safaris? To help people who surround me and helps all traveller who seeks to experience our beautiful country, I am believing someday the whole world will get to experience this lifetime adventure through Kilisa Tours & Safaris. What your favourite part of

It's very rewarding to see people with no experience go on a tour with us, and end up buying a moto of their own back home   What's your company name? Adrenaline Addicts In what year did you run your first tour? 2016 What did you do before starting Adrenaline Addicts? Planned ski vacations Why did you start Adrenaline Addicts? After travelling in Colombia extensively in 2015 my business partner and I fell in love with Colombia and decided to make it our new home. We set out to

We don't feel tourism as a business machine but a way to spread happiness.   What's your company name? Bout India In what year did you run your first tour? 2014 What did you do before starting Bout India? I was in the banking sector. Why did you start Bout India? I am passionate about photography and travel. While working In banking I realized that I was in a rat race. I could not get enough time for my hobbies in travelling and photography. There I thought

  Each place is unique and epic - we don't choose spots based on bucket lists.   What's your company name? Out Here Travel In what year did you run your first tour? 2017 What did you do before starting Out Here Travel? Product Manager at Google Why did you start Out Here Travel? People get the adventure bug in different ways. For me, it all stems from an incredible nine-day canoe trip with my dad in Temagami, Northeastern Ontario. I was seven. Paddling rapids, camping out, cooking over a

  Our tours aim at providing travellers with a unique experience of authentic Cuba.   What's your company name? Cuba Mania In what year did you run your first tour? 2016 What did you do before starting Cuba Mania? Work as a Computer Scientist Why did you start Cuba Mania? To offer travellers to Cuba a unique opportunity to discover this island by the hand of locals and in the most authentic way possible. What makes your trips unique? We offer trips throughout Cuba at very affordable prices. Our tours aim at

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