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In North America’s ‘work-first, play second’ culture, travel is typically seen more as a luxury than as a habit.  If fact, many American workers often decline to take earned time off because they are afraid of falling behind at work or being seen as not dedicated.  It’s no surprise then that this type of lifestyle often leads to more stress and less fulfilling lives, even outside of the office.  If the many known benefits of travel aren’t enough to help

.anuary – the time of year many of us associated with new beginnings and wanting to become better versions of ourselves.  You don’t have to look far to read about the many benefits of travel on both your mind and body so why not use a holiday to a new destination be the perfect kick-off to the new year.  We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best places to visit in January. Even if you can’t make it work

Just because you’ve settled down and have a family in tow doesn’t mean your travel days are over. In fact, having your family along for the adventure may actually mean a more valuable and meaningful travel experience - for both you and your children! Family memories last a lifetime "Family travels are valued by children, both in the moment and for long afterward in their memory," according to psychologist Oliver James. Travel experiences become “happiness anchors” for children, who then use the

Travelling is a passion for many Canadians and planes are boarded every day with vacationers hoping to embark on a “trip of a lifetime.” In fact, Canadians made 32.3 million overnight trips outside the country in 2015, of which 82% were for leisure. For the majority of those travellers, they return home without experiencing a serious incident. However, the news headlines continue to remind us all that dangerous situations exist for tourists both at home and abroad. In this post,

Europe is an exciting continent full of history, world class cuisine, culture and remarkable landscapes. It’s one of those destinations that many people strive to check off their bucket list. But, choosing just one small area of the continent to travel in is nearly impossible. If you’ve made it all the way across the ocean, you may as well visit a few countries rather than limiting yourself to just Italy, France or England. For this reason, many tour companies run

Feeling overwhelmed in the world of travel? Don’t worry you’re not alone. We used to get stuck in analysis paralysis too, which is why FarCloser Travel was developed in the first place! Our leadership team has years of experience helping travellers choose their next tour or cruise with confidence, and our website makes choosing the right trip easier than ever. To help bring back the enjoyment factor and eliminate the travel research headaches, we’ve gathered our top pro tips and tricks

Group travel has earned a reputation. Most people imagine tourists pouring out of large coach buses in front of classic touristy sites getting herded around by guides wielding signs and megaphones. Is this what you think of? Group travel has changed a lot over the years, and these perceptions are simply outdated. If group travel isn’t what it used to be, what is it? The new age of group travel has arrived, and it’s full of variety.  Unfortunately some companies still offer

Don't you love discovering new places and possibilities for your next travel experience.  We came across this video from a country that doesn't always come to mind first when most people think of a holiday destination but this video just might inspire you to consider Tunisia for an upcoming getaway. Winner of the UNWTO Tourism Video Competition for Africa in 2015, this video by Discover Tunisia is sure to make you curious about this country that borders the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara

Need an excuse to travel? Preserving or improving your health is one reason to travel that makes carving out time for those vacation days much easier. When you travel, you’re investing not only in a fun, memorable experience, but you could also be adding years to your life! It may sound like a dream come true, but it’s based quite solidly on science. Here’s the proof that travelling is good for your health: Stress Reducer Yes, you knew this would be