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Group mountain biking in Thailand

Why your next trip should be on a Mountain Bike

You don’t have to travel to the other part of the world to find the perfect mountain bike trail. Sometimes, though, experiencing an exotic destination by mountain bike is the perfect way to discover a new place, while enjoying your passion.

So, what makes a mountain bike adventure trip so special?  The benefits are different for everyone but here’s a taste of the adventure to show you what it’s like if you’ve never tried.

4 Main reasons to Mountain Bike overseas

1. Ride where no outsiders have been before.

Typically, routes on a mountain bike trip rarely touch concrete. It’s an expedition on narrow trails into uncharted territory, only accessible by feet, hooves, and 29ers. Diving into thick tropical jungle or rocky slopes of a desert canyon is an experience few will ever have, and that includes the sparse human population that calls these remote locales home.

For adventurous mountain bikers, remoteness is a fine price to pay for unforgettable encounters with authentic people and pristine nature. Take in 360-degree views of scenery as you zoom by river valleys or grind up steep mountainsides. Take in the fresh mountain air as your energy source to power your pedal strokes. And occasionally, make space on the trail for curious locals, some of whom have never met a foreigner, and certainly not a mountain biker!

Bike through the isolated mountains of Northern Laos, home to over 30 unique tribes, whose way of life has remained largely untouched for centuries. Or through the Himalayan foothills of Northeastern Nepal, off the well-worn trekking tracks, where the Sherpa culture still reigns. It takes grit to get to these off-the-beaten-track destinations, but the journey is fun, and so, so worth it.


Mountain biking through forest


2. When was the last time a ride really, really challenged you?

There’s nothing like feeling your heart pound after conquering a 5,000+ meter pass in the Himalayas. Right there, surrounded by the tallest peaks on the planet, adrenaline surging as you look down the longest downhill you’ve ever seen right before taking the plunge. As soon as you return home, you’ll want to share this experience with everyone you know.

Take on a challenge like this on SpiceRoad’s Annapurna Singletrack Circuit ride. One of the world’s most iconic treks just got a lot more interesting. Bike above the clouds and peaks on the ultimate journey to over 5,000 meters above sea level. Then ride down.

This is no mean feat and it requires fitness and handling skills that not everyone can achieve without putting in the hundreds of hours of passionate training to get there. But that’s why we do it, right? Nothing that comes easy ever made for a great story.


Mountain top temple Nepal


3. Live in the moment.

Surrounding yourself with nature. Taking on a physical challenge. Experiencing an adrenaline rush. These are quintessential parts of a ride that mountain bikers know too well. And honestly, they’re one of the reasons we keep coming back to the sport.

Sometimes when life gets too fast-paced, you owe it to yourself to take some time to be present. Be in the moment. Ride hard during the day, and relax with a cold beer and a riverside view at night. That’s the good life.

Need to slow down? Then maybe it’s time for a trip to Thailand, the land of smiles, where living the good life, is the way of life. That doesn’t mean it will be easy though! Expect steep climbs, technical tracks, and winding trails through the Northern Highlands. But enjoy a dip in the pool, and maybe a massage, at the end of a long day.


Wildlife in Gobi Desert


4. There’s no better way to explore

The world out there is a massive playground for riding a mountain bike. Miles of pure singletrack just waiting to be shredded, exhilarating mountain descents that you’ll wish never end, and flowy trails that induce a state of trance.

Ever thought about mountain biking in the Gobi desert? Why not! This vast desert on the southern edge of Mongolia is extra-remote wilderness in a land of nomads, full of otherworldly landscapes. Fantastic rocky canyons and cliffs, free-riding through an area where there are literally, no roads. Camping under the starriest of skies. This is exploration in its purest form.


The sheer variety of beautiful terrain you can tackle on a mountain bike is mind-boggling. When you compare your rides to your roadie mates, there’s no doubt which bike to ride on your next holiday!

If you’re still not convinced about taking an awesome mountain biking trip for your next adventure, take some inspiration from SpiceRoad’s brand new tours in 4 of the most remote and untouched corners of the globe:

Chiang Mai Trail Experience: 8 days riding in the beautiful highlands of Thailand

Hidden Tribes and Trails of Laos: 9 days of cycling and exploring isolated mountainous tribal territories.

Mountain Biking the Gobi: 10 days shredding through dunes and canyons in this mysterious Mongolian desert.
Everest All-Mountain: 10 days riding virgin singletrack through an unexplored region of the Nepalese Himalaya.

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