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Founder’s Stories – Bruce Haxton of The Tuk Tuk Club


I’ll never get bored of delivering the best adventures in the country and seeing the delight on our travellers faces.


What’s your company name?

The Tuk Tuk Club

In what year did you run your first tour?


What did you do before starting The Tuk Tuk Club?

I was the Managing Director of a large adventure travel operator in Thailand for 5 years prior to founding The Tuk Tuk Club

Why did you start The Tuk Tuk Club?

Adventure travel is a fantastic industry to be involved in and I wanted to put the ‘adventure’ back into ‘adventure travel’. After having been lucky enough to drive myself thousands of km’s around Thailand by Tuk Tuk I wanted to bring this possibility to others reasoning that if I’d had such a fantastic time then surely others would!

What makes your trips unique?

Our travellers get to drive their very own Tuk Tuk (after successfully passing their training programme!) throughout the stunning mountain back roads of Northern Thailand giving a unique and very different perspective of the country and also immediately breaking down barriers between the traveller and the local communities we pass through and spend time in.

What your favourite part of running The Tuk Tuk Club?

Every element of running the business is exciting and rewarding – from planning routes and accommodation to developing a fantastic team who deliver our adventures. But by far and away the most enjoyable part of my working life is to meet our travellers and hear first hand about the incredible adventures they have had on their journeys with us. I’ll never get bored of delivering the best adventures in the country and seeing the delight on our travellers faces.

Can you tell us about a time one of your trips changed a guest’s life?

This would perhaps better be answered by our guests but one of my most satisfying moments was on a trip where we started with a group all of whom were relatively stressed (busy working lives etc) and ended their multi-day adventure telling us that they felt they’d re-captured their youth and felt like young travellers again. To be part of delivering that experience and seeing the genuine enjoyment and dropping away of the worries of ‘normal’ life was a privilege and an honour. But to be honest we feel that all our trips have a positive impact on our travellers lives – getting under the skin of Northern Thailand tends to do that to people!

What’s one thing you recommend a traveller bring with them on one of your tours?

This is a simple one – a sense of adventure and fun!

What’s one thing you recommend a traveller NOT bring with them on one of your tours?

A very tricky question! The kitchen sink….. (although don’t worry – our multi-day adventures have a support vehicle for your bags so you don’t have to travel too light)

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Nan, Northern Thailand. Not too far from home but a must-see and somewhere I’ve not yet had the time to explore properly

What’s the best piece of travel advice you’ve ever received?

Just get out there and enjoy it.


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