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Tips for Packing Light

What if it’s colder than expected and I need another sweater? What if I need a second pair of shorts? What if… If this sounds like you while packing, then you’ll find these tips helpful. Whether you’re packing for a cruise, a beach bumming vacation or an adventurous tour across Africa, packing light can save you many hassles. You’ll have less to sort through while travelling, a lighter bag to carry, an easier time getting around at the airport and, most importantly, less dirty laundry upon your return!

What’s the secret to packing light?

  1. Remember, People Are Helpful As you’re going through all of those “what if” scenarios, remember that people are usually pretty kind. In a pinch, you can borrow, purchase or wash whatever you’re missing or whatever has gotten too dirty to wear. People will help you get this done. So, confidently pack light knowing that if you run into trouble, others will likely help you find a way around it.
  2. Invest Consider investing in some helpful travel gear that will keep your bags light. For example, while most hotels will provide you with a towel, if you’re really worried about it, get a quick-drying towel. They don’t take up much space and dry, well, quickly. Or, invest in a space-saving toiletry pack and bottles so that you can take smaller amounts of your “must haves.”
  3. Set Limits We’re not going to tell you how many pairs of shoes or socks to take, that honestly depends on how long your trip is. But, ahead of time before you’re in the heat of packing, set a limit. Say, one pair of socks per day. Or, decide to take one pair of dressier shoes and one pair of comfortable walking shoes. If you can overlap, that’s great. For example, hiking sandals are great for walking, but are also functional at the beach.

Happy packing!

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